How to Fight Car Sickness

Whether you’re going on a four-hour car ride or simply down the street for milk, motion sickness can strike your child at any time. Here are some easy ways to treat motion sickness even before it starts.

1. Feed your child before you leave

Making sure they have food in their stomachs will calm any upset tummy. Try to keep the snack dry and “bland” like crackers or pretzels. Avoid sugary snacks and excessive dairy products.

2. Let the fresh air in

Roll the windows down a little so that fresh air can flow through the car. Stale air will only make the child feel trapped and worse.

3. Distract your child

By singing along to the radio or playing eye spy with them. Keep their minds focused on other things other than their tummies.

4. Have them look off at the distance

This also helps if you are on a boat! By looking out into the horizon at a stationary point this will help them with their balance and also help distract the child.

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5. Have drinks on hand

Always have a water,seltzer water, or ginger ale in the car with you. Have the child slowly sip the water. Chugging the water may make them feel worse, or even make them throw it back up.

6. Have them nap

Even if the child is not that sleepy, have them close their eyes and try to relax. By closing their eyes they are reducing their sensory input which can help calm them down.

Every child and every car ride are different so make sure you have a little baggy in case the inevitable happens.

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Originally posted 2016-01-25 14:08:02.