Six reasons why a date night at home is brilliant for your relationship post-baby

No babysitter? No worries! Here’s six reasons why a date night at home is brilliant for your relationship post-baby…

You can get to know each other again

Intimate date nights can allow you two to get to know each other again away from the distractions of life and parenthood. We have a tendency at this point to assume we know everything about our partners but people are constantly growing and changing. I mean, when was the last time you and you both sat and asked each other meaningful questions like when you were dating? By turning off the tech and blocking out the world you remind yourself to see this person as your friend, lover and partner in life, not just a parent.

Baby steps

Both mum and dad can have some separation issues at the beginning of parenthood. A date night in the home means you can have your own space with your partner but if you should have the sudden urge to look at your little one, you know they’re within reach.

Child-friendly cost

Babies are expensive! It’s hardly surprising that once parenthood arrives you have to be a bit tighter with your spending. A cosy dinner and movie night at home will always beat the budget of a trendy night on the town.

No distractions

The arrival of a new baby brings with it a lot of visits from well wishing family and friends. When was the last time it was just the two of you? A date outside the home would attract the attention of acquaintances inquiring about the new parents and their bundle of joy. An intimate gathering of two at home means that you’ll have your partner’s undivided attention, free from distraction or interruption.

No dress code

We love to dress up, really we do, and the idea of getting your glad rags on is far more appealing when you can see your own toes once again. The good thing about a home date is you can both choose to get as fancy or casual as you want without outside pressures. Cocktail dress or cosy pyjamas…the world is your oyster!

No timetable

While it’s important to make your date night a priority, life with children never run on perfect schedule. While a late babysitter or a child who won’t settle may lead to you missing a restaurant reservation or the beginning of a movie, with a date night a home, everything can be pushed back ten minutes until you’re ready.


Originally posted 2017-01-05 16:11:07.