How to clear a baby’s blocked nose

A baby’s immune system is still developing, making them more vulnerable to the common cold and develop a blocked nose.

In fact, babies are likely to get between 4 and 10 colds in the first year.

Babies explore a lot, so they are more likely to pick up a cold virus by touching or mouthing contaminated toys or other items.

So what can you do to unblock your little tot’s nose?

The tips
  • Use a saline solution. You can buy or make one (they are ridiculously easy to make – boil the kettle, add a pinch salt and wait for it to cool down). Squirt a few drops up your baby’s nose to help clear congestion before a feed.
  • A bulb syringe is extremely handy for reaching the blocked parts of your baby’s tiny nose, with no discomfort to you or to baby.
Bulb syringe
Bulb syringe
  • If your baby is really congested, take her into the shower room with you, with the shower on full so the steam in filling the room. Sit with her in the room (not in the shower) and let the steam slowly unblock her nose.
  • Inhaler soothers are really helpful. They haves been designed to safely hold vapour near to your baby’s nose to help ease congestion. The 100% natural essential oil vapour is a pure blend of essential oils with decongestant, antibacterial and calming properties, and they are available at Boots.
  • Vapourisers – run one during the day in your living room, then at night where baby sleeps. Make sure the vapouriser mixture is suitable for your baby’s age.

Good luck!

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Originally posted 2017-01-03 13:01:17.