How can the colour of your baby’s nursery affect their personality?

When it came to picking out shades for our baby’s nursery we thought it was one of the few pregnancy projects we had sorted. I mean, blue for a boy and pink for a girl…pretty standard stuff right? WRONG! According to leading psychological studies carried out by advertising marketers, the colours we surround ourselves with can affect us physically, mentally and emotionally and the colour of our childhood nursery can play a more significant role in our development than we previously thought.


Yellow is an energetic colour routinely associated with sunshine and happiness making it an excellent choice for any nursery. However, avoid intense shades that are too bright as this can cause an over stimulation for your baby and make it difficult for them to sleep. (And we all know how much we like it when they sleep!).


Red is also a highly active colour. It has been proven to physically stimulate and energise children which is perfect if you have a growing athlete. Yet, an abundance of the colour in nurseries is frowned upon as studies suggest it may cause aggression and even headaches in children. Only use this colour sparingly in the room to provide beneficial levels of energy and physical stimulation for your child.


Pink is the ultimate go-to colour for your expectant princess and with good reason. Lighter hues of pink have been shown to have a calming effect on children while promoting that girlish femininity. Yet, be warned, some research claims that decorating a nursery to excess in this colour can cause agitation and anxiety in babies over a long period of time, so don’t forget to break up the room with some classic French white to signify calm or royal purple to promote wisdom.


Green is associated with nature and has been proven to, not only boost a calming atmosphere, but also aid in focus and concentration. Some studies suggest that the effect of the colour green is so potent that it may even help your child with their ability to read.


The opposite to red on the colour wheel, blue, also has the opposite physical and mental effects. Instead of stimulating the body, shades of blue have been shown to significantly lower blood pressure, heart rate and respiration along with feelings of anxiety and agitation. If your child is hyperactive or prone to tantrums they may benefit from keeping cool in a blue room.



Originally posted 2016-08-03 12:23:09.