The Art of Bathing Baby

It may be daunting at first, but once you’re used to handling slippery wet babies, bathing your lin=216587_17_Baby Bathttle one can be a highlight of the day – for both of you! For dad, too, in the early days, it can be a valuable way to bond with your new child, and a way to give a breastfeeding mum a break. As your baby gets older, a bath can be a great part of a healthy bedtime routine, signalling the end of the day and time for a long sleep (here’s hoping!). With thanks to Lidl’s new Cien Baby range of skincare, here are some tips on bathing your baby safely:

  • Don’t feel under pressure to bathe a new baby daily – two or three times a week is fine at first, but remember to keep your baby clean in between baths by washing his face and ensuring his nappy area is clean and dry after changing.
  • The big bath can be daunting if your baby is very small, so we’d suggest a small baby bath or even the sink. If you do decide to brave the big bath, there are a number of supports available on the market, along with rubber non-slip mats.
  • Aboven=216587_17_Baby Shampoo all, never leave your baby alone in the bath, even for a few seconds. If you do need to get something or answer the phone, bring your baby with you, as it takes only a few moments for your baby to get into difficulty in the water.
  • Before you begin the bath, make sure you have all you need with you. This may include: a soft sponge or cloth; a mild liquid cleanser or baby bath, shampoo and lotion such as the ones in the Cien Baby range at Lidl; at least one clean and dry towel, a clean nappy and clothes, and some clean cotton wool for bathing your baby’s eyes.
  • To ensure the bath is a safe temperature, use cold water first and then top it up with warm water. If you have a bath thermometer, check that the water is between 37 and 38 degrees Centigrade. For babies up to six months old, fill the bath with only a few inches of water.n=216588_17_Baby Lotion
  • Support your baby throughout with one arm, and use the other arm to wash him. The cleanser can be added to the water or used with a soft sponge.
  • When you are finishing bathing your baby, take him out straightaway and wrap in a warm towel. Pat dry and give him a good cuddle! You can use a gentle baby lotion to moisturise the skin if you like, such as Cien Baby Lotion. Dress him quickly so he doesn’t get cold.
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Cien Baby products are now available in Lidl stores nationwide. The range consists of Cien Baby Bath, Cien Baby Lotion and Cien Baby Shampoo; each product costs just 89c each.



Originally posted 2017-02-09 12:41:19.