8 things you said about kids…before you had them

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8 things you said about kids…before you had them

We’ve all heard them, the countless tips and words of advice from those who don’t have kids about raising them! We’ve said these all ourselves before we had the little ones as well though, and now we just smirk when we hear people say them!

1. My kids definitely won’t kick up a fuss in a shopping centre. They’ll be good simply because I’ve told them and they’ll respect me. (Enjoy that thought!…)

2. I’m going to make my kids love vegetables. They’ll actually prefer them than other food.

3. My child would never play on a phone at a restaurant. They’d know better definitely.

4. I’ll have great communication with my teenager. We’ll talk about their day over dinner together at the table and we’ll never have any miscommunication…… Good luck with that!

5. I’m not going to be that tired? I’ve done all nighters before, how much worse could a newborn be?

6. My kids will never annoy me, I’ll have boundless energy to play with them and answer their every question and watch them every time they ask!

7. My house won’t be that much of a mess? I’ll have loads of time when they sleep to clean.

8. I’d never make a fuss in a restaurant when my child is crying. It’s definitely manageable. (Oh no….)

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