8 lessons every mum should teach her daughter

I think everybody will agree when we say nobody has taught us more than our dear old mum. Even as we enter motherhood ourselves we still rely on our mums for their support and wisdom. After all, she’s the go to guide when it comes to teething problems, baby vomit and all night crying. When google doesn’t have the answer, mum always does. Inspired by everything we learn from our favourite role model here’s 8 lessons every mother should share with her daughter.

Be herself

Be yourself, whoever that may be. Every daughter should know it’s OK to value herself for the wonderful person she is. Teach her that the things that make her “different” and what makes her unique, these are all qualities she should celebrate. If she argues, share the wisdom of Coco Chanel who said: “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”


Don’t let boys be mean to you

This applies to any age, from that little snot nosed boy picking on her in the school playground to the brooding teenager not texting her back. Your girl should know it’s not OK for boys (or anyone) to mistreat her.


To solve problems for herself

Do you remember being a kid and it felt like mum just solved everything? Like really, if your mum was left in charge of the world for a day, everything would be alright! Now, do you remember when she made you start doing things for yourself? It wasn’t the most delightful thing in the world but we can’t deny a sense of accomplishment from solving our own problems, not to mention the security from knowing we can actually handle the world. Thank you mum!

problem solved

How much make up is too much

Anyone who was once a victim of foundation two shades darker than their natural skin tone knows this is a valuable lesson. Once they’ve reached the stage where “everyone is wearing make up” and you decide it’s her turn to join in, make sure she knows that make up is intended to highlight her already beautiful features, not hide them.

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Other women are allies not enemies

The idea that all women are out to get each other is a cruel lie. Show your daughter this  by praising admirable women in her presence, or make it a part of everyday life. We often heap so much pressure on romantic relationships we neglect to teach that female friendships can often be more beneficial to a happy life. Let her know that other women aren’t our competition, they’re on our team!


Being “like a girl” isn’t a bad thing

If someone tells her “you’re pretty fast, strong, smart…for a girl” she should know that this is an insult. Unfortunately, encountering this type of ignorance won’t be an isolated occasion. She should be prepared to respond to the situation in a polite manner while being aware that being a girl isn’t a bad thing, it isn’t an insult.


Its OK to like pink and play in the mud

Regardless of her age your little girl should know she doesn’t have to limit herself to a single stereotype. Why should she have to choose between being a princess and a tomboy, smart or musically talented? A science whiz or a fashionista? Show her how to be Ireland’s greatest Gaelic player and still sing Taylor Swift when she scores a point.


How to talk to her mum

Above all your daughter should know it’s OK to talk to her mother. When she feels sad, scared, confused, happy, excited, inquisitive, in love, or out of love, she should know that she’ll always have her mum as a listening ear. Even when we’re grown mothers ourselves, we still need mum to guide us. Who else would we ring at 4am when we can’t figure out how to work the baby monitor or make up formula?

…Not that I’VE ever done that of course!



Originally posted 2016-02-05 17:17:00.