Six strategies to get your child sleeping in their own bed!

Make a bedtime routine

Routine is key when it comes to getting a toddler to learn and adapt to something. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but whatever your bedtime routine – bath, brush teeth, bedtime story, sleep – make sure you follow it in order every night.

Banish the fears

Toddlers often wake during the night and look to sleep beside you because they are scared. Helping them get over their fears of sleeping in their room alone is the first place to start. Banish the ‘monsters’ by placing a soft night light into their room or make the room so that shadows do not form in the dark that could possibly scare them.

Make a reward chart

Like all good learning processes, a reward chart is great in helping your toddler create positive associations with sleeping in their own bed. Every time they sleep through the night, or go back to their own bed when you bring them, reward them! Whether it’s a treat the next day or an extra story before bed, positive association will only help the process.

Make their bed a fun place to be

Decorating their bed with their favourite character on the sheets, creating a canopy or buying them a ‘sleeping buddy’ teddy (one that can only sleep in their bed) are great ways to get your toddler loving their bed. Make your daughter’s bed into a princess bed, or your son’s into a pirate ship, anything personal that will give them positive associations with sleeping in it.

Stay until they fall asleep

If all else fails, perhaps try staying in the room until they fall asleep. As they gradually become used to their own bed, move your chair further from them; from the bedside, to the door, to outside the door, until they are able to fall asleep without you.

Stay consistent

Whatever method you end up choosing, make sure you stick to them. Consistency is key in establishing a routine, and routine is the easiest way to teach a toddler.

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Originally posted 2017-04-11 14:16:37.