Holiday beauty prep for busy mums

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When you went on holidays before you had children, it wasn’t an uncommon occurrence to treat yourself to a day of pamering where you’d maybe get your nails and hair done, and maybe even some hair removal (ouch!). But now, there’s barely time to pack your bags, let alone swipe some Ruby Red on your toes. And even though winter still has yet to give up its grip on us (come on summer!) the clock is ticking and summer holidays cometh.

So we’ve put together a two week window to prepare for your holidays that’s totally doable and will leave you feeling ready for the sun, fun and family time.

Time until take off: 2 weeks plus

Wintry feet will need more than a lick of paint to sort themselves out for summer. Try get in for a pedicure a month or two before your holidays but don’t stress too much if this time has already passed. Give your a feet a good file and use a foot moisturiser in preparation for your pre-holiday manicure.

It’s important that feet are always filed when the skin is dry (before you shower). A foot that has been bathed, masks the areas that need to be treated – you cannot see the dry skin. Remember, the skin on your feet is 12 times thicker than on the rest of your body – a body lotion will not suffice.

A pedicure definitely has lasting power, obviously the closer you leave this to your holiday the better but anything inside a week of take-off, should be fine.

Time until take off: 1 week

Three days to a week before your trip, is the time to get your hair done. Hair colour is much better after one shampoo. We also recommend a cut before you go because this will help get your hair in top condition. If you plan on spending lots of time in the sun invest in a hair product that protects your hair from the sun. It could take months for your hair to return to its full health if you don’t condition and look after it properly in the sun, a hair sun protector will do this for you.

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Time until take off: 3 days

Oh how we all look forward to this enjoyable experience. Yeah right! When does it ever get easier?

Get your waxing done at least 72 hours before you leave if you are planning on getting a spray tan. Don’t set foot in a tanning salon until at least 24 hours after your wax as the pores will still be open.

If you’re not planning on tanning, you can save your wax for closer to your departure date. It’s fine to get your bikini wax up until 24 hours before you jet off, but any extra time helps when it comes to feeling comfortable on the plane and taking down the redness.

Time until take off: 2 days

Okay so we may not all have the time or funds for a professional manicure, if you have to make do with a DIY mani, use Rimmel’s super gel nail polish, Sally Hansen’s miracle gel or Chanel’s nail polish, all three have amazing staying power and should do you for the duration of your holiday. If you do have time, get your manicure two days before you jet off to ensure it lasts the duration, and ask for a crystal finish top coat because it has UVA/UVB absorbers so will prevent discolouration of polish in the sun.

If you want to get lash extensions this is the time to do it too. The fresher the better, they can be hard to manage on holidays with the sea, sun cream, chlorine and just general holiday messing but they do look great so it’s a choice you’ll have to make!

Time until take off: 1 day

Your final step before suitcase wrestling time is to tan. Having a nice tan always boosts your confidence, which is just what you need as you prepare to jet off. For long haul trips it’s always worth going a shade darker as the darker the tan, the longer it lasts.’

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