12 beauty hacks every woman should know

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12 beauty hacks every woman should know

Make life easier with these beauty hacks that will change your make-up routine forever!

1. Rub Vaseline on pulse points in wrists and neck before spraying perfume to make it last longer.

2. No time to wait for tan, make-up or moisturiser to dry? Don’t! Give your face and body a blast with a hair dryer to speed up the process.

3. Double up and use pink or red lipstick as blusher. Rub a small amount onto cheeks and rub in.

4. Clean messy winged eye liner that’s gone astray with a cotton stick and Vaseline.

5. Hold a card to the side of your eye where you wish to achieve the perfect winged eye liner if your hand isn’t steady enough to draw the wing.

6. Instantly make your eyes look bigger and more open by applying white eye liner to your waterline.

7. Hide root regrowth by back combing your hair at the roots and creating a messy side parting inside of a middle parting, which can show up your roots more clearly.

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8. No time for hair washing and run out of dry shampoo? Grab some talcum powder, it’ll do the job just as good.

9. Need to banish dry, cracked heels? Rub a generous amount of vaseline on them before bed, pop some socks on and leave overnight. They’ll be softer in a week we promise you!

10. Make a blow-dry last longer than a day by wrapping your hair around your hand and pinning it at the back of the head with pins before bed.

11. Use mascara for eye liner when you’ve run out and forgotten to buy more by dipping a winged eye liner brush into the tube and apply as normal.

12. Apply light pencil to the centre of your lips and rub in for fuller looking lips. Add some gloss and voila, pout perfect!

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