10 things we have to remind our kids of every day

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10 things we have to remind our kids of every day

Our little ones are the light of our lives, and provide us with so many smiles and laughs each day, but somehow, no matter how many times we tell them, they seem to always forgot these 10 things!

1. Brush your teeth

Yes, this is a daily thing. A twice daily thing. We tell you this every day!

2. You have homework to do

No, just because we haven’t said it out loud to remind you to do it does not mean that you don’t have to.

3. No sweets before dinner


4. You can’t get a toy every time we go shopping

How can they still be shocked to the point of tears and a public meltdown when we say this every time we enter a shop? Never sinks in with those kids!

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5. Yes, you have school today

Yes, you have to go again today. Just like yesterday and every weekday. There’s no point pulling a sicky!

6. Eat your dinner

You have to eat it. Every single day. As much as you doth protest at the kitchen table even though you told us you wanted this for dinner twenty minutes ago. You must eat the food!

7. Brush your teeth again

See point one.

8. Time for bed

Sometimes we think our little one’s brains magically wipe away the knowledge that there is such a thing!

9. Get up out of bed

Yes, the same bed you refused to get into for two hours last night!

10. Wear your coat

We couldn’t begin to calculate the amount of rows over this one!

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