10 surprising things that happen when you get pregnant and give birth

10 surprising things that happen after you give birth maternity and infant family
It’s not a surprising thing to learnthat your tummy will expand when you get pregnant. But there are some things that those books might not tell you – or at least might water the information down. We have compiled a list of 10 surprising things that happen when you have a baby or are pregnant!



Your hair will get really thick when you’re pregnant… and then might fall out in the weeks following delivery.

Morning sickness is a lie

Morning sickness could last your entire pregnancy. And it isn’t so much morning sickness as All-Day-Sickness, but we guess that just doesn’t have the same ring to it!

Cramps and pains

You might feel stabbing pains in your abdomen. As the ligaments around your uterus stretch and strengthen to support your growing uterus, you might feel brief, stabbing pains around your bikini line. It’s totally normal! But, if these stabbing pains come with bleeding or any other discharge, call your practitioner immediately.

Bigger feet

Your feet get bigger. During pregnancy ligaments throughout your body loosen, causing your feet to spread. For some women, their feet gradually shrink.

Your baby might cause a few pains

Feeling your baby move is amazing, but can be painful. There isn’t a lot of space for stretching out down there so when your baby does move, it might hurt.

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Postpartum bleeding can last four to six weeks after delivery.

It doesn’t happen straight away

You might not feel that instant burst of emotion when you meet your baby for the first time. You just birthed a human and your hormones are totally out of whack. While this can be caused by postpartum depression, be kind to yourself and know that everyone feels emotions differently.

Breastfeeding is hard

Breastfeeding can be really difficult in the beginning. And it can hurt. You just need time to work out your routine, you will get it in your own time.

And you’ll get contractions…again

You will experience contractions when you breastfeed. Breastfeeding triggers the release of the hormone oxytocin, which in turn causes the contractions that help your uterus shrink back to its pre-pregnancy size.

Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual

No one really knows exactly what they’re doing. Relax, not everyone has this first time parenting thing entirely pulled together as you think. So relax, you’re doing great!

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