10 funny things that happen when you breastfeed

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Although for most women breastfeeding feels completely natural, especially once your hungry baby has arrived, being able to produce milk combined with leaky nipples does often lead to awkward, but hilarious, moments…

The loud yelp

You’re feeling pretty proud that you’ve got this breastfeeding figured, but now and again, your baby likes to keep you on your toes by chomping down on your nipple. And it hurts.

The sound effects

Slurping, cooing, grunting, humming – the happy sounds when your baby is breastfeeding are cute when you’re at home but when you’re out and about … maybe not so much.

The inappropriate squirt

You’re happily nursing away and minding your own business when your baby suddenly detaches themselves from you but the milk keeps flowing. Everywhere.

The forgotten boob

Was it right or left you did last time?

Exploring hands

When your baby isn’t prodding your boob, they are likely waving their hands in your face, knocking off your glasses or shoving their fingers in your mouth and nose. They’re just exploring!

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The nipple search

When your baby is having a cuddle with someone – who isn’t you – and they automatically begin searching for the nipple.

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Your dad/father-in-law/male friends awkward glances at anything but you

You are not going to slink off into the corner every time your baby gets hungry, so you might encounter the awkward glances at anything but you and your exposed boob from the men in your life who aren’t your partner. But we are proud of breastfeeding, and so should they be!

Blissful baby

The sight of a full, happy and contented baby just finished a feed is reminiscent of something from your past… you remember that look on the faces of people in the pub who have had one too many. Pure bliss.

Is your baby an acrobat?

As they get older they seem to be able to wiggle their way anywhere, all while attached to your boob. Legs over your shoulder? Check!

The smile

There is nothing that cheers you up quite like catching eyes with your baby during a feed and they give you the biggest smile.


Originally posted 2014-11-19 16:10:31.