10 fun ways to announce your pregnancy

10 fun ways to announce your pregnancy
10 fun ways to announce your pregnancy

Learning you’re pregnant is an exciting time in your life. We’ve got 10 fun and creative ways to announce your big news!

1. Give the person you are telling a picture frame with a note inside with the message ‘Photo to follow on (due date).’

2.Send a card to your parents a birthday card that says ‘Happy Birthday, Grandpa!, signing the message inside from your new Grandson/Granddaughter.

3.Show your relative or friends pictures of a recent trip or holiday, but sneak a sonogram photo into the stack and see if they notice.

4. Give your parents a pink and a blue balloon (or just a pink or a blue one, if you already know the gender of your baby), saying nothing and let them try to figure it out.

5. If you have a child already, give them t-shirts to wear that say ‘I’m a big sister’ or I’m a big brother’ on them at the next family event, and see who notices first.

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6.Bake a cake spelling the good news on it in icing and give it to your partner after dinner.

7. Have a movie night with your partner or friends, and suggest a bunch of pregnancy-related movies to watch together: ‘Father of the Bride 2,’ ‘Knocked Up,’ etc. Let it sink in and see if they catch on!

8.If you’re the expecting mother, show up at a family function with a t-shirt that reads ‘Baby on Board,’ ‘Due in (month you are due your baby)’ or ‘Baby’ with an arrow pointing at your belly.

9.Stick your sonogram to the fridge or put it in a frame beside your bedside and see if your partner catches on.

10. Give your parents a book on grand-parenting, or a mug that says “Best Grandma/Best Grandpa”, and watch their face as the joy hits them.

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