m&i loves: My Given Name – a new personalised children’s book

m&i loves: My Given Name – a new personalised children’s book

Special books from childhood will transport you back to a magical time and have the potential to become one a lifelong treasured possession.

Now, a new personalised book, called My Given Name, aims to become a firm childhood favourite. The book follows the magical journey of Bindee, a stork who is given the task of delivering a birth certificate to a wizard who lives at the top of Given Mountain. Unfortunately Bindee believes he can’t fly, so walks, and on the way meets lots of new friends.

On completing his journey the wizard asks for the child’s given name…a name that is only revealed through the friends Bindee meets.

Competition: We are giving two lucky people the chance to win their own personalised copy of My Given Name. Just follow the link to enter.

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My Given Name

For example, he may meet a Joyous Jackrabbit, an Adorable Aardvark, a Caring Cheetah and a Knowledgable Koala to spell out J.A.C.K.

In addition to providing the letters of a child’s given name, the characters reinforce positive character traits. With three characters available per letter the option to ‘shake my design’ and introduce alternative characters and affirmations to suit individual children will be available shortly.

The book is also the first of its type to offer the opportunity to personalise by ethnicity and by gender. The choice of four different new-born characters helps children to identify more closely with the story and reflects the UK’s cultural diversity.

Available in soft or hard backed cover, it costs from €24 from www.mygivenname.com.

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