3 things our toddlers need in their diets to maintain healthy growth

Our toddlers can be picky with food. They may like something one day, then point blank refuse to eat it the next. It’s common for toddlers to start making these sorts of decisions about their lives, they’re expressing their right to choose, which is great! However, it can leave parents a little stumped when it comes to getting a good, balanced diet into our kids. If they had it their way they’d have crisps and chocolate all the time, imagine!

Here are the three foods that are important for our toddlers to be eating in order to encourage healthy growth and development!


Cheese can also be used for calcium intake like milk, but be careful of saturated fats found in some cheeses. Calcium as we know is important for the growth of healthy bones and teeth. It is absorbed into the body using Vitamin D, so make sure your kids get plenty of sunshine as well as that glass of milk into them everyday!


Fish can be tricky for toddler because of its look and smell, but I’ve yet to come across a child who didn’t like fish fingers. If you’re sketchy about the store-bought option why not try to make your own here? Omega 3 and protein can be found in fish support brain development and muscle growth.

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Fruit and vegetables

Fruit are the number one way for your toddler to get some much needed vitamins and minerals into them. With their bright colours and different shapes and sizes, they can a fun way to learn while we eat. If they’re point blank refusing their vegetables, try incorporating carrots and parsnips into sauces for rice or paste by pulsing it with a food processor until smooth. You can also mash some cauliflower into their mash potatoes for some extra goodness! They need not know the difference!

Have you got any great ways to get some extra goodness into your toddlers’ food? We’d love to hear from you!


Originally posted 2017-02-28 15:49:35.