How do I choose a name for my baby?

As with all things baby, things can tend to get a little complicated when making joint decisions with your partner. What colour nursery will they have? What kind of school will they go to? Will we baptise them or no? The list goes on…but the first of these big decisions has to be naming the baby. Suffice to say, it can get a little bit tricky…

Don’t be pressured by family

Family names are all well and good but some of them can be, well a bit tired for a bouncing new baby. Make sure to discuss all options as your partner might be harbouring a secret desire to name the baby for their mother when you definitely don’t want that. Make sure to give each name some air time, listing the pros and cons each time.

Don’t be afraid to go different…

According to the most popular baby names in Ireland for 2016 were James for the boys (knocking Jack out of the top spot for the first time in nine years) and Emily for the girls, which has reigned supreme for the past six years. Unless you want your baby to be one of many in their class in school, try and steer clear of these popular names.

…but not too different

Apple Paltrow might have a nice ring to it (similarly with North and Blue), but having a famous mum like Gwenyth (and Kim and Bey) probably makes up for a name that you can eat (or see on a compass or use as a colour).

Do think about the inevitable ‘nickname’

People are going to call your baby everything under the sun, bar probably their full given name. So try and make it something that you like the sound of when it’s shortened. For example if you don’t like ‘Fred’ or ‘Freddie’ then it’s probably best that you don’t call your son Frederick. Similarly for ‘Anne’ you better like Annie!

Look to the meaning

There’s nothing like rifling through a name dictionary learning the definition of your name, your partner’s name and everyone else’s name. They carry meaning and weight and could be a major influence on your child. So make sure the name you choose has a meaning you like!

Check it against the last name

This is really a deal breaker, and it’s so important that you baby’s name rolls off the tongue!

Be careful of the initials

Make sure your baby’s initials don’t spell out, well, anything unfortunate. For example Anastasia Sarah Steele, would make for a rather unfortunate acronym as would Sean Oliver Barry.

Look to the baby

If you’re really stuck and you can’t decide, why not wait until your baby is born? You might be unsure about a name until you see your little cherub, and then it all fits into place!

Be strong

Whatever you choose (and if family are griping over it from day one) be strong in your choice. This is your baby after all, and you get to decide what their name is. And don’t fret, if people don’t like a name, that dislike generally fades when they are face to face with your beautiful baby – who they’ll love at first sight! Promise!


Originally posted 2017-06-19 15:49:58.