How to avert a wasp disaster!

5 tips to avoid a wasp sting.

First Things First

Set up a competition amongst the kids, whoever spots the first wasp will win an extra ice-cream. It’s really important to watch out for the first wasp to arrive on the scene to a avoid a wasp sting. This is known as the “Scout”, and scouting is exactly what it does. It will find the food, assess the scene, and report back to headquarters.

Keep calm

You need a strategy here. Once the first wasp has arrived, get the children to stand back, put caps on bottles, move really spill-able things away. Then calmly let the wasp choose something delicious to settle down on. Your aim is not to disturb the wasp, but to trap it.

Take It Prisoner

Trap it before it’s gone off to get the other gate-crashers. The best method for trapping the first ‘scout’ wasp: let it settle, then trap it with an upturned glass, and keep it there, weighing down the glass if necessary (this sounds like dad’s task to me). That way you don’t kill the wasp – which may alert and anger others. It will probably nibble away calmly, and it’s worth sacrificing one dish to stop fifty more arriving.

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Keep Food Safe: our ‘Edible’ Spray keeps the Wasps Away

Most important of all – keep the wasps away with a good repellent. Trouble is, most of them are full of harsh chemicals, some are toxic, and they all taste foul. That is why The Lemongrass Trading Company has had this brilliant and unique idea for a spray that’s safe, edible and pure: lemongrass 100 per cent natural and edible wasp spray. All ingredients used are are from edible plants, some absolutely delicious, like lemongrass, so it is safe and pure, with no added chemicals – and it doesn’t spoil your food or drink. wasp repellent, bee repellent, kids bee sting repellent, natural wasp repellent, how to avoid being stung, how to avoid bee sting,

Wasp Stings and Allergies

Stung? If the worst happens, try to pull out the visible ‘sting’, soothe and with an effective pain-easer like Wasp-Ese. Applying ice can help.

Allergic? A wasp allergy can be serious: if any one is susceptible, always pack a pre-loaded adrenaline syringe.

Now, have the greatest picnics, BBQs and outdoor drinks ever!

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Originally posted 2016-06-28 10:46:52.