7 fun activities to do with kids before they go back to school

7 activities to do with kids before they go back to school

Summer goes by so fast, and before you know it you’re ironing uniforms and buying school shoes and school bags for the looming date of the 1st of September. While you still have the time do one of these fun activities with your little ones to draw their Summer holidays to a close with fun and lots of family memories.

1. Camp outside

Sleeping in a tent is a huge novelty for little ones, and also very exciting! Make like campers and brave the outdoors on a calm night and eat smores. If your living room or their bedroom permits you can also place a small tent indoors too, if the weather isn’t ideal.

2. Take a trip to the beach

Everyone loves the beach, but unfortunately it becomes more of a summer holidays event with weather and having the time to plan for it. Next sunny (or mildly sunny!) day out, take your little ones to the beach and go build a few sandcastles and have a splash.

3. Have a movie night

A cute and very easy way to spend time as a family in the evening when homework doesn’t have to be worried about. Make some popcorn and get cosy while watching their favourite movie.

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4. Make a treasure trail

Treasure hunts and trails are so much fun and kids adore them! It means both fun for them as they search for clues and a prize, and for you as you get to enjoy the excitement and joy with them.

5. Go on a picnic

Getting time to sit down with your kids will become few and far between when school starts back. Plan a small picnic, a simple and enjoyable way to pass a day.

6. Teach them how to bake

Kids love getting messy, ever notice that? They’ll love cracking eggs and kneading flour and will delight at licking the spoon. Baking with our parents is one memory we all still have.

7. Go to the Zoo or a theme park

There’s nothing like a day out, especially somewhere they’ve never been before. They’ll be wowed with the exotic animals at the Zoo or the fun rides and activities at theme parks.

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