15 of the worst things that can happen to parents

15 of the worst things that can happen to parents

They may seem insignificant to others, especially if they don’t have children, but these are the worst things that can happen to parents.

Parenting nightmares

1). Your kid drops your smart phone. Please God, don’t let the screen be smashed.

2). You didn’t notice the spit up stain on your top till you were already in work. For three hours.

3). Leaving the nappy bag at home (accidentally of course) and your toddler having a huge nappy blow out. What do you do?

4). Your toddler heads off to playschool and doesn’t say goodbye. Ouch.

5). When an ice-cream man drives by and you only have your card on you. “Do you have a minimum transaction on ice-creams?”

6). Losing the Frozen DVD. Or even worse, finding it again, but it is scraped beyond repair.

7). Back-to-back birthday parties. If feels like your child’s friends were all born within minutes of each other.

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8). Your child loses one of a pair. One shoe or one sock – rendering the matching pair useless.

9). Losing your baby’s soother when you are out and about, and all the spares are at home.

10). You finally ditch the nappies and pull-ups and toilet train your child, to then realise they go to the bathroom more than you thought possible.

11). Your toddler throwing a tantrum in the back of the car, just as you hit traffic. It’s like they know what they’re doing.

12). Glitter. I need to say no more.

13). Your toddler just swapped sippy cups with another kid who happens to have a very runny nose.

14). Your kid lost a tooth and you — er, the tooth fairy — forgot to visit last night.

15). Your kids grow up faster than you thought was even possible.

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