The 7 wonderful ‘firsts’ of parenthood

Becoming a parent for the first time is a wonderful, exciting, exhilarating, scary and exhausting thing. No matter what people tell you in advance about being a new mother or father, it never quite prepares you or does justice for the journey you are about to begin.

In honour of all new parents out there, we have compiled a list of some of the wonderful ‘Firsts’ of parenthood!

First night without any sleep

You may think college or school all-nighters will have you well prepared for this one, but trust us; you’re not! Noting can prepare for the emotional rollercoaster that is an all-nighter with your newborn. It may be your first, but we’re sorry to say it’s definitely not going to be your last!

First time baby has a really bad nappy when you’re out of the house

this is joyous. When you’re out for the day, running an errand or popped out to the shops and baby decides its the right time to do their business, very messily! You probably forgot the wipes due to First number one as well.

First time your toddler screams the shop down wanting a toy

Breathe, count to ten, and stick to your guns. This is something all parents go through at one stage or another, so believe us when we say it will be over soon.

First time you go out without baby

Whether its a weekend away with your partner or just out for a nice meal as a couple your first baby-free evening will be interesting. Be prepared to check-in with the babysitter every few minutes and fight the yawns that keep coming! You may even catch a few undisturbed z’s if you’re smart enough to go to the cinema!

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First time baby is sick

There’s nothing worse than this moment. And although every cough, and cry will scare you to death, trust your doctor and know that they will be back to their giggling, gurgling self soon!

First day your child goes to school

You won’t know where the time went. You’ll think it was two weeks ago that they were born, but here you are at the school gates, fighting tears as your baby joins her classmates! Prepare to be emotional, and chances are you’ll be more attached to them leaving than the other way round!

First time baby sleeps through the night

You dream of this night. It’s 90% of your conversations. However, when it comes, you’ll probably still be awake, wondering why they’re not crying!


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