Why Kelly Clarkson should not be spanking her children

Kelly Clarkson recently came under fire for saying she would spank her children if they misbehave.

In a recent interview the American Idol winner and singer admitted that she “was not above spanking her children” if they misbehave. She currently has two children aged three and one.

In the interview, she revealed that she herself was spanked as a child and that she believes she turned out “well-rounded”. “My parents spanked me and I did fine in life. I feel fine about it, and I do that as well.”

Clarkson has been ‘mommy-shamed’ in the past for her parenting choices, such as giving her child Nutella. But we’re not sure if the spanking will be written off as such.

Many parents have different views on how they discipline their children. And much of our decision on discipline will be based on our own formative experiences. Violence breeds violence. 

Reasons not to spank

Normalises violence

Spanking normalises violence. If you lash out at your child when frustrated or stressed, then your child will believe that violence is the answer to similar problems they may experience.

The line between a frustrated parent spanking their child, to physical abuse is too thin. It should never be approached.

Children are vulnerable

Ever heard the phrase “pick on someone your own size!”? We don’t think this applies any clearer than with children. If we don’t like adults taking advantage and physically abusing each other, then why is it okay for an adult to take advantage of a child in that way?

Children are vulnerable and need their parents to care for and protect them. Yes, parents are obliged to teach their children the difference between right and wrong. But there are many other ways discipline can be introduced to children.

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You can read 6 positive ways to deal with tough behaviour here.

Spanking not only does physical hurt, but it has disastrous effects on children’s self-esteem.

In 2015, spanking became against the law and parents can be charged if evidence of smacking children arises. This legislation has done much to help change the attitudes in Ireland towards reasonable punishment and discipline methods for children.

Let’s keep that conversation going, and come up with different ways to help our kids behave.


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