Unique baby names for the months of the year!

Looking for a baby name that’s quirky and interesting but not too weird (North…?) Why not take inspiration from the month your baby is born in?


Jenara – this name is unique and beautiful for a little girl; with it we can see the woman beyond the baby!

Garnet – stemmed from the birthstone for the month of January, Garnet is perfect for the precious one in your life!


Valentina – give your Valentine baby a lovable name! Can also be shortened into lovely nicknames too (Val or Tina anyone?)

Romeo – what’s in a name? Give your son a romantic name inspired by one of Shakespeare’s most romantic heroes.


Trinity – for the third month in the year, why not consider Trinity for your little girl?

Denver – if you’re looking to honour St. Patrick’s day but don’t want to go for the obvious, why not try Denver which means ‘green valley’. It can also be used as a girl’s name and has shot up in popularity in the last century.


Flora – this vintage name will have you thinking of those spring flowers every time you call your little daughter over!

Avril – the French word for April translates literally as ‘open’ and we couldn’t think of a better word for lovely, spring daughters.

Neo – translating literally as ‘new’ this name is perfect for your son born in the renewing time of spring.


Maisy – this name may be vintage but that doesn’t mean it has to go out of style! Shorted to the adorable ‘Mae’ we love this classic name meaning pearl.

Mason – this is a great name for boys born in May, meaning ‘works with stone.’


Pearl – this is the perfect name for your little girl! Pearl is the birthstone for June, giving her some ownership over her birth month.

Junior – not a name we’d usually associate with June, but as we see them beside each other we realise why this one is a winner for your summer boy! Especially if there’s a family name involved, calling your son Junior will avoid any confusion with names during family gatherings!


Giulia – the Polish spelling of ‘Julia’ gives this classic name a fresh twist, while also directly collating with the month of July.

Lark – if you can have Lily for girls, then why not Lark for a boy? Larkspur is one of the two birth flowers for the month of July making it perfect for your little blossom. Lark is also the name of a songbird, and who doesn’t like to coo and sing to their baby?


Leonie – your little Leo needs a unique name to stand out and we love the female version of Leo for the little ladies.

Aidan – for boys, instead of the tried and tested Augustus (Augustus Gloop, anyone?) why not go for a name meaning fire like Aidan (or the growing popular Aiden)?


For the beginning of Autumn, it’s natural to look to nature for inspiration when naming your little one and we love Willow for girls and Forrest for boys (though you’ll be inundated with ‘run Forrest run!’ forever.)


Opal is a unique option for girls and is the birthstone for the tenth month of the year. It’s taken a bit of a dip in popularity over the last few years, but we think its vintage quality will be making a comeback.

Odis – this Greek name means ‘keen of hearing’ which your little boy will hopefully practice when you call him in for dinner!


Hazel – named for the hazel tree, Hazel means ‘creativity and knowledge’ which is perfect for your growing girl!

Ashton relates to the ash tree, which is a nice reminder of the change in the trees and plants around the end of autumn, coming into winter.


Nollaig – why not go Irish for your Christmas baby? Directly translating to Christmas this is the perfect name for the best Christmas present!

Noel also directly correlates with Christmas, coming from the French word ‘noelle’.