Listen up: podcasts for families with kids

Pocasts are amazing. And I say that as someone who (yes) has only just discovered them. Something to listen to without the incessant repeat songs on music radio, and without the irritation of listening to talk radio, podcasts are a whole new world. You choose the topic and it’s often delivered with hilarity, sincerity and on a weekly basis (which is just enough time!).

Some of these are more for listening while your kids are out and about and others are family friendly. We’ll let you know in the descriptions!

Podcasts for parents

Anna Faris is Unqualified

Clue is in the game, but we still love Anna’s relationship and parenting advice, even if she is unqualified. Her warm presence plus her hilarious, en-point comic delivery make this one a winner in our books.

Sorta Awesome

If you’re looking for some hilarious parenting stories from some awesome mums then this is the podcast for you!

The Longest Shortest Time

If there were ever a way for someone who doesn’t know you, your situation or where you lived to know so intimately the highs and lows you face daily being a parent, then this podcast is it.

Mom and Dad are Fighting

This podcast provides some in depth information on different situations and issues that may arise between couples when you’re raising your child. Not necessarily one to listen to when the kids are around. 

Podcasts you can enjoy with your kids


This podcast explains science in a way that’s approachable to younger kids, aged around 5+, while still being amenable to parents.


Each week the hosts read out a children’s story from myths and fairy tales to new stories and poems. Suitable for children in their toddler years up to 8 years old (or so).

The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

Harking back to the old timey entertainment of radio plays, this podcast presents radio plays with an element of mystery for kid’s each week. It goes way back to 2004 so you have lot’s of material to work with!

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