Cute ways to break the news that you’re pregnant!

Telling your family and loved ones about your pregnancy is special news that deserves a creative twist. Here are a few creative ways to tell people that you’re pregnant.

A bun in the oven

Invite your family over for dinner (the soon to be Grannies and Grandads, maybe) and place a bun in the oven. Ask your guests if they could check on the food in the oven, see if it’s ready to come out. Then just wait until the penny drops!

Baby food

Send your partner out to get the shopping. On your list keep it to ‘baby’ items. Like, baby back ribs, baby potatoes, baby spinach, baby carrots, baby sausages (pickles and ice cream maybe, because the rumours are true!). See if they get the picture as to what you’re really cooking!

Spell it out

Invite your friends or partner to play scrabble. BUT have the letters in place spelling out the news you want to tell everyone! ‘You’re going to be a Daddy’ or ‘We’re pregnant’ or something to that effect.

New tenant

Tape an eviction notice on to your little one’s cot and take a photo. Hopefully your first born will be happy about their new sibling…and not sad to be sharing their possessions already…

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Expiry date

Again for couples expecting their second child, put your first child in a shirt that says ‘Only child. Expiring on [due date]’.

Photographic memory

Gather your family and friends together. Say you want to take a big group photo of everyone. Just as the photographer is about the take the picture say ‘We’re pregnant!’ and get a great shot of everyone’s reaction.

Edible information

Gift your loved one with some delicious treats with a little note on the top saying ‘If I’m going to get fat, then so are you!’


Offer to get everyone a coffee. When the barista asks for names, give mum, dad, grandad and grandma etc, and wait for the news to sink in.

Expected to pop

Take a picture of you and your partner blowing a balloon. Write on the front of the balloon ‘Expected to pop on [due date]’.

Tea for two

Invite granny and grandad over for tea or coffee. When pouring up the brew, give them each a mug saying ‘You’ve been such a good mom/dad that we gave you a promotion!’ and wait for the bubble to burst.