5 Things Your Child Has Said Since Returning To School

Summer is over and the school days have rolled around one again. (Yipeeeeee) Whether your miniature scholar is stepping into the world of education for the first time or they’re returning to the classroom, there’s five phrases that they’re guaranteed to have let slip in the past weeks.


“I don’t want to go”


For the last month of summer they longed for a distraction from their boredom, but now that school has started, those early mornings seem horrifyingly worse (We totally understand).


I’ve lost it

It could be their uniform, their schoolbag or those expensive new books. Don’t ask when or where they had it last, the only response will be a vacant expression and a dramatic shrug of the shoulders. I guess it’s back to the shopping centre.


My teacher said”

In your child’s mind there’s no one smarter than teacher. They hold the wisdom that your little one drinks up with ease and they’ll come home spurting interesting new facts daily, preceded by the phrase “My teacher said”. Don’t ever contradict teacher’s lessons…it won’t end well!


I made a new friend”

This one we love hearing! The excitement they ooze from making a new friend is nothing short of infectious. Making friends, or better yet a best friend, is one of those important milestone that make school memories last a lifetime.


I don’t have any homework”

This is not to be believed. If they repeat this statement with an angel-like expression, be even more suspicious. There’s ALWAYS homework.


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