Join The “Slow Parenting” Trend

Every child is different and so every child isn’t suited to every parenting style. The newest parenting ‘trend’ is called “slow parenting.” The idea behind this parenting technique is to encourage parents to take more time to stop and smell the roses with their kids instead of hurrying the kids along everyday.

Carl Honoré, author of Under Pressure, says: “Slow parenting means allowing our children to work out who they are, rather than what we want them to be. Putting too much pressure on our kids to be who we want them to be, can be harmful to their future development. Self-discovery is key, especially in young ones.” 

Interested in giving this trend a try? Here are five tricks to slow down your style.

  1. Sit down after dinner

    It’s easy to get distracted by dirty dishes after supper but take the time to sit down for 15 more minutes at the table with your kids. Ask about their day and remind them there’s no rush for them to finish their meal.

  2. Drop an activity

    Instead of signing your kid up for dance classes, a football league, hurling and other extra curricular activities leave one day (possibly a weekend day) free so the whole family can take a nice walk in the park or relax at home. Try not to schedule every second of your kids week.

  3. Do something spontaneous

    Don’t stick to your normal routine. Take the long way home from the store so your kids can see a new part of town. Have supper on the kitchen floor, picnic style! Doing things out of the ordinary will improve your child’s imagination and sense of discovery.

  4. Talk it out

    Whether it’s in the car, during bath time, or laying on the couch. Make time to talk about the world around you. Let them ask questions and most importantly let them explore.

  5. Ask them what they want

    Give your child the option of what to pack for a picnic, or what movie to watch that night with you. Letting your child pick is allowing them to express their individuality.

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