Alyssa Milano: Why is my breastfeeding photo more offensive than Kim K’s bum?

Alyssa Milano

Is Alyssa Milano breastfeeding more or less offensive than Kim Kardashian posing nude?

That’s the question the 41-year-old actress is raising. On Nov. 12 after Kim Kardashian’s Paper Magazine nude photos attempted to “break the internet,” Milano tweeted it and compared it to her own controversy.

The actress recently posted a beautiful breastfeeding selfie and got some heat over it for showing part of her boob.

 Kim Kardashian

I am sure at this point we have all seen Kim’s bum on the magazine cover, but the question Alyssa is asking is why her breastfeeding photo seemed to be met with a harsher reception than Kim’s full display?

Since Milano raised the question, she has inspired a social breastfeeding selfie movement. Many moms have tweeted at her with their own photos of breastfeeding, and she retweeted a few.

Congratulations ladies, you all look amazing.

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