M&I LOVES: Mothercare’s Autumn 17 collection

We’re loving Mothercare’s Autumn collection for the little guys! Most especially we’re loving the graphic t-shirts, dresses, and jumpers with words of encouragement that are sure to boost everyone’s day!

‘Daddy digs me’, €14.99

Can you dig it? These little overalls are perfect for those babas that are starting to move and scoot around the room.

‘Live on the wild side’, €15.99.

What better way to encourage creativity and innovation than by wearing it on your jumper?

‘Out of this world’, €7.99

Our little explorers mean the world to us and everything they do is out of this world to us!

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Best friends 4eva’, €8.99.

Why not give this to your best friend while she heads off to school or preschool?

If life is better in a tutu, then you’d better pair this lovely t-shirt with one of Mothercare’s puff skirts! Check out the whole collection on the website!

‘She shines bright’, €9.99.

Our kids are the light in our life, the apple of our eye, the fish in our sea… Maybe this t-shirt will do your daughter more justice!

‘Confetti, glitter, sparkle’ hoodie, €15.99.

Confetti: check. Glitter: check. Sparkle: check.

‘Watch this space’, €8.99.

Watch this space for future astronauts and world explorers!