How to keep your brain healthy!

World MS Day is on Wednesday 31st May, and this year, people are being encouraged to adopt a brain-healthy lifestyle by logging on to, a website for people living with MS.

But this isn’t just for people with MS – brain health is something we all have to consider, old and young. Anyone who has grappled with the fog of those early weeks with a new baby will know exactly how it feels to be struggling with memory – now imagine if that was a permanent feature of your life. communicates complex concepts, raises awareness and motivates brain healthy life choices. The aim is to deliver scientific information about brain health in an easy-to-digest, fun format. The concept is led by Dr Sabina Brennan at the ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology in collaboration with Trinity Brain Health.

“Brain health is not just for people with MS. Everyone needs to consider brain health and it’s never too late or early to be considered. We’re all focused on our bodies and sometimes forget about our brains. When people first receive a diagnosis of MS they mostly focus on the physical impact of the disease. They tend to worry most about how the mobility might be affected and how this might take away their independence. They rarely consider that cognitive impairment could be an aspect too, and how it might affect them. Most probably that is because they are simply unaware that MS can lead to changes in cognitive functioning that may lead to the need to reduce work responsibilities or leave the work force altogether,” said Dr Sabina Brennan, award-winning science communicator.

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People can improve their brain health by getting physically active, staying socially engaged, challenging your brain and adapting your lifestyle. The Free Hello Brain Health App delivers daily suggestions and support to help you to build a brain healthy lifestyle.