How to trick your kids into believing in leprechauns this St. Patrick’s Day

When it comes to holiday seasons Christmas brings presents, Easter means chocolate but this year teach your kids that St. Paddy’s Day can bring the best of all…LEPRECHAUNS!
If you want to fool your little ones into thinking these mischievous tricksters have been playing havoc in your home, then keep reading.

Turn the toilet water green

Yep, you read that right. In the game of leprechaun illusions green food dye will be your best friend. A few drops down your toilet bowl (and a couple of green drops on the floor) will have your toddlers convinced that these little guys really had to go pee…and they’re kinda messy. If you want to stick with the green theme you can also consider turning the milk green, it’ll look disgusting but will taste the same and the kids will definitely want their calcium that day.

Switch shampoo for sauce

Leprechauns are always pulling pranks, one sure way to get your kids giggling will be by putting the shampoo in the fridge, while their favourite red sauce is found in the shower. (Tip: You can turn this green with food colouring too). Make sure to leave some green footprints beside these areas in washable green marker to alert your kids to this tom foolery.

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Steal their shoes

It may seem childish…but leprechauns aren’t really known for their maturity. Line up the children’s shoes somewhere noticeable and take one of each pair to hide away. Leave them somewhere hidden in a green bag or tied up with green rope (so they know who did it). But don’t hide them too well, you’ll need them to get to your St. Patrick’s day parade later.

Turn mum’s hair green

If you’re really committed to making this work (and you’re heading to the parade anyway) try investing in some inexpensive green hairspray. Just one green streak down mum or dad’s hair (assuming dad has hair) will have the children doubled over in knots as they watch their parents shriek at this Irish insanity.

Hide gold coins

One of the best thing about leprechauns is that they’re obsessed with gold. Sometimes they carry so much that they drop some around the house when they’re in a hurry. If your little ones are clever enough, they may even find some chocolate gold coins when they’re hunting for leprechauns.

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Turn over the house

They’re small but mighty, those little green men. If you want to go for extra shock factor turn over some light furniture, open all the cabinets in the kitchen and dress their dolls or pets in green clothing. One good tip is to leave small pieces of fabric in doorways where a leprechaun’s clothes has torn on his way out. He must have heard them coming!

Leave Leprechaun notes

Like most of the Irish these guys believe the only thing better than getting away with a prank, is bragging about getting away with a prank. Leave notes around the house written in green pen with phrases like, “Catch me if you can” or “You’ll never get my pot of gold.” It will make the hunt all that much more exciting for your children.

Don’t neglect to leave lots of green footprints with washable marker or green glitter beside the main areas of chaos. Sure it’s a lot of madness and mayhem, but really, what do kids love more?

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