Safety & First Aid tips for parents with young children

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With all that curiosity and energy, babies and children are naturally prone to accidents. All parents should consider attending a simple first aid course to learn the basic skills needed to react calmly and efficiently to different situations. We’ve gone through some of the key things parents need to be aware of to keep their…

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Ten tips from The Sleep Nanny

Lucy Shrimpton, the sleep nanny, toddler sleep patterns, toddler transitions, how to get my toddler to sleep, how to get my toddler into a sleeping pattern,
There are so many transitions through the stages of baby, toddler, and pre-schooler but the toddlers really do go through the biggest challenges. Perhaps that is why toddlers can seem such a big challenge to us too! So I put together my top ten tips for helping your toddler with the various transitions that you…

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10 signs you are definitely a new parent!

New parents, we salute you! You might not have any clue what you're doing, but give it a few weeks and you will have so much parenting knowledge you could write your own parenting book! You've read all the books Speaking of parenting books... You’ve got a stack of baby nursing/sleeping/swaddling books so high, you…

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10 awkward parenting moments

funny things that happen to parents, funny things kids do, things that happen when you're a parent

Being a parent is a wonderful, joyous and downright rewarding job and you wouldn’t change it for the world. But sometimes being a Mum or Dad can be a little bit awkward (and hilarious!). So to celebrate the hilarity of awkward parenting moments we have compiled a list to remind you that you are never…

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