Irish mothers of premature babies to receive extended maternity leave

Couple marry in a hospital to include their premature baby in the special occassion

The Irish Government has announced this week that mothers of premature babies will be receiving extended maternity leave. The decision will affect about 4500 mothers in Ireland. The initiative originally put forward by the Green Party will see mothers supported for the weeks their babies are premature, and not simply from their due date. Originally, maternity leave…

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The 10 strangest reasons why children won’t go to bed

child refusing to go bed, reasons why kids refuse to go bed, my child won't go to sleep,

As parents, we’ve heard all the excuses in the book for our children not wanting to go to bed but some are a little more imaginative than others. Online retailer Time4Sleep has conducted a poll to find out the most common reasons little ones do their very best stall the inevitable; bedtime! From the top five…

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Grandparents army: Ireland’s new childminders?

grandparents, what your grandparents taught you, things you learn from your grandparents, life lessons you learn from your grandparents, grandchildren

17 per cent of Irish grandparents are relied upon for childcare on a weekly basis. The results stem from an online survey conducted by Today’s Mum, and while the numbers speak for themselves, we can’t help but wonder about the reasons behind the statistics. Read: Everything you need to know about choosing childcare! Grandparent Army The…

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5 tactics to stimulate your baby’s senses

stimulating my baby's senses, baby's senses, Nurturing Newbies,

Mums and occupational therapists Lynsey Sharp and Kathryn Horgan have developed a programme, Nurturing Newbies, to help parents develop their baby’s senses. Here they outline some simple ways you can help your baby’s senses develop. Nurturing Newbies As occupational therapists with over 15 years’ experience working with children, Lynsey Sharp and Kathryn Horgan commonly received referrals…

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Safety & First Aid tips for parents with young children

kids safety, paediatric first aid, children's first aid, child safety, baby bleeding, toddler bleeding, infant burns, child burns, child choking, infant choking, baby choking

With all that curiosity and energy, babies and children are naturally prone to accidents. All parents should consider attending a simple first aid course to learn the basic skills needed to react calmly and efficiently to different situations. We’ve gone through some of the key things parents need to be aware of to keep their…

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