Ways to increase your child’s creative potential

With The Taoiseach Leo Varadkar announcing today his plans to enable children “across Ireland to reach their creative potential”, it would seem that creativity is making its way back to the fore.

Far from taking away from STEM subjects at school, the new scheme encourages young students to partner the two fields in order to better prepare for the future. In the launch at St. Laurence O’Toole’s girls school in Dublin inner city he said: “We want to encourage young people to be creative thinkers, to expand their minds and to ensure that have the chance to fully explore the joys of creative and cultural endeavour, whether that’s learning to code, dance or sing.”

Is your child a creative genius? Or do you think they haven’t found their special area of creativity yet? Here are a few ways your child can express their creativity at home!



Though a computer game, Minecraft is well known for its benefits to young children’s minds. It teaches them management and logical skills in a fun, interactive way while children build an entire world of their own.

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Apart from stretching your child’s creative muscles, art and crafts help your child’s bilateral and fine motor coordination. Dabbling in materials can help children build pattern recognition, and the finished product is a boost to their self-confidence.

Drama, music and dance

Drama allows people to understand communication and people through different ways and points of views. Not to mention the huge boost in self-confidence children get when they perform for their mum and dad. Music and dancing also help your children’s coordination and math skills. Go figure!


You may think that when children are reading the book is doing the creating for them, but that’s not necessarily true. While they read, your child’s brain is working double time to the create images, scenarios and characters in the book (or even figure out the plot before the end!).

What’s your favourite creative activity to do with your children?


Originally posted 2017-12-11 09:31:37.