All you need to know about teething

Teething can be a tough time for baby and for you; but it does come in stages and sometimes babies can get up to three teeth at a time. Teething usually happens at six months and will continue to develop until around two and a half years of age. Expect rosy red cheeks, a lot of crying at times and chewing on everything they can; especially their hands.

When does it start?

Babies can start cutting teeth anytime between six and 12 months. Pain and soreness can begin up to three to five days before the new tooth erupts. Look out for tenderness and inflammation of the gum; increased dribbling, biting, gum rubbing and sucking. Other symptoms are poor appetite, disturbed sleep, ear rubbing and a slight increase in baby’s temperature.

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How do I help ease the pain?

To help ease the pain caused by teething use frozen teething rings with a plastic handle so baby’s hands won’t get cold holding it, or frozen foods like frozen grapes or cucumber sticks. If baby is especially cranky, an over the counter remedy is probably best for both of you! Buy a painkiller suitable for babies over three months.

Are there any natural remedies?

Natural remedies include gels that contain homeopathic chamomilla, aconite and belladona which all help to relieve pain, flushed cheeks and sore gums. Cheek rub oils with arnica, chamomile, lavender, and spearmint, all contain organic ingredients to relieve pain.

Originally posted 2014-04-08 14:41:37.