Study shows that sleeping more can help you get pregnant

For any women trying to get pregnant out there…there might be more good in a good night’s sleep than we know. The study suggests that sleeping for more than hours a night could increase your chances of getting pregnant. Here’s how…

Lucy Wolfe one of the country’s top sleep advisors and one of maternity&infant’s regular contributors has said that between seven and nine hours should be “non-negotiable” for women trying for a baby.

The study

The study of Japanese women undergoing IVF by Kobe City Medical Centre, found growth rates among fertilised eggs was also 14pc faster among the women sleeping soundly.

Presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine annual congress, the study follows previous research indicating sleeping less than six hours a night results in a 20pc drop in a hormone critical for conception.

Word from the sleep expert

She said:”Studies consistently highlight that sleep needs to be at the top of the health conversation as a prevention to illnesses and as a remedy too. Remembering that small adjustments can make a big difference to your sleep tendency and it is not to be underestimated.

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“Women need to commit to seven to nine hours and make it non-negotiable. Limit exposure to electronics before bedtime, decrease or eliminate alcohol and caffeine intake and have a regular sleep schedule seven days a week.”

Ms Wolfe added: “Academics believe sleep patterns affect fertility by altering levels of vertain hormones. Being short of sleep also raises a person’s stress levels, which is another conception-related factor.”

So how many hours do our mummies sleep? If ever there were an excuse to knock off early we think this is it!


Originally posted 2017-11-27 15:57:00.