Your new and improved morning routine is just around the corner!

Changing from a summer routine to a school routine can be a shock to the system… for all of us! Bedtimes become stricter, brushing teeth has to be done NOW, and lunches still need to be prepped and bags packed up. But if you wake your children in a rushed, stressful manner, this can negatively affect their day and make them less productive and ready for school. But how can we make the transition as smooth as possible?

Start early

Don’t spring the alarm clock on them on the first day back. Ease into it and start gradually getting your kids up earlier. This is all if you’re lucky enough to have kids who sleep in of course!

Set bedtimes

One of the surest ways your kids will be spritely in the mornings is making sure they’re in bed at the right time. The long stretch in the evenings can make it difficult to persuade the little guys to head to bed at reasonable hours, but the right blinds or curtains in the room should help to block out lingering daylight and help them to nod off. Children need around 10 to 11 hours sleep if not more, so make sure your child is winding down early enough that they sleep well for ten hours or so.

Go on a tour

Take your child to their new school or playschool before the first day and ask if you can have a tour of the building and meet their teacher if that’s not already being done. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference a familiar place and face will make to your child’s transition.

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Get the right kit

Now, we’re certainly not encouraging parents to spend loads of money on school supplies this early in the game, especially since costs are going up and up every year. But a backpack and a lunch box, just for your child will generate excitement and fun around the new adventure!

Make the most of the night before

Layout uniforms, prep whatever food that needs to be prepped, have bags and shoes (!) by the front door. Be that overnight oats for breakfast, or throwing a few bits that will stay fresh in the lunch box, do whatever you can the night before.Your future self will thank you for it!

Set some expectations

For those with older children simply trying to make a better go of it this year, why not place some more responsibility on them in the mornings? You’d be surprised how readily kids will rise to the challenge, especially when mum and dad’s approval is at stake. If your kids like a little downtime in the morning, tell them they can read their book or play for a few minutes, but only after they’ve brushed their teeth, packed their lunch, tied their shoes, packed their bags etc. Having a few jobs to do with a small reward at the end can make all the difference to those busy mornings!

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Originally posted 2017-08-22 10:39:00.