Fun (slightly messy) ways your child can ‘help’ in the kitchen

little girl cooking in the kitchen

Bringing your child into the kitchen can help them explore their tactile senses while encouraging them to develop a healthy and adventurous relationship with food. While the kitchen can be filled with potential risks for your child, as long as you keep a guiding eye, it can be a fun (if not messy) experience for all. If you want to find out what tasks you can give your little one read on!

Measuring out ingredients

Allowing your child to take such an active role in the outcome of their dish will surely give them a sense of ownership over it. Guide them with ingredients, making sure their measurements are as close as possible to the recipe. (Unless they want to add more chocolate, there’s always room for more chocolate.)

Cracking eggs

A lot of parents hesitate at allowing their child to do the egg cracking. But hey, it’s fun, it teaches independence and fishing out the odd egg shell is so worth the enjoyment.

Washing fruit and vegetables

Giving your child this job can have a number of benefits. Firstly, teaching them about food hygiene is always a plus. Secondly, introducing your child to fruit and vegetables in a way that doesn’t present them as the ‘enemy’ will allow them to build a healthy relationship with these foods. Lastly, the splashing is quite fun!

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Kneading, stirring and sifting

All potentially messy tasks but therein lies the attraction. Your child will love any job where you let them get their hands dirty and kneading lets them get fully involved with the cooking process. Other key tasks that will contribute to the cooking is letting them stir any cool liquids or sift flour into the cooking mix.

Puting on toppings

The general rule is the more toppings the better. Whether it’s a pizza or a delicious cake, getting to decorate their dish with the finishing touches is the perfect way to end a cooking experience. If you truly trust your child’s taste buds, let them pick the toppings for bonus parent points!

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Originally posted 2017-07-27 10:25:06.