5 of the craziest things that your body does during pregnancy

5 crazy body changes during pregnancy maternity and infant family
Pregnancy is a wonderful thing that many women have the pleasure of experiencing. But it’s also a wacky time when nature takes over your body… and mysterious and wonderful things happen – all to help the baby grow safely in your womb!

Here are some of the craziest things that happen to your body during pregnancy.

Hippy dippy

To prepare for birth, your pelvic bone will actually separate and become two separate bones. A hormone called Relaxin cause your uterine muscle to (yup) relax, your pelvic bone to separate and soften up the cervix for vaginal delivery.

Lines are drawn

Ever notice a line of darkened pigment going down a pregnant belly from top to bottom? Or a darkened belly button area? This is known as nigrea and it is in fact always there, but pregnancy hormones alter the pigment, making it darker and more pronounced. This pigmentation can also occur in other areas, like the face or neck; this is called melasma and you can read all about that below!

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Big footed

Along with the expansion of your lovely belly, you’ll also notice your shoes becoming a bit tight and uncomfortable. This is because your feet get bigger along with your stomach during pregnancy. Our friend from earlier Relaxin is responsible for (we’re doing it again) relaxing the arch in the foot, causing it to flatten out, making it longer and wider. But don’t throw out your favourite shoes! Your feet can go back to normal after pregnancy!

Morning breath

Not the most pleasant from this list, but unfortunately bacteria in your mouth can double while pregnant causing unfortunate tastes and odours to form. It’s (you guessed it) those pesky hormones to blame, causing the bacteria to become overgrown and inflamed leading to some gum and teeth problems.

Thicker hair

Our friends the hormones cause the hair on our body to grow quicker and thicker during pregnancy. And while this is lovely news for our luscious locks, it’s slightly bad news for anyone with dark hair follicles on their arms, legs or face! But don’t worry – this is not forever. About three months after birth you’ll notice the hair begin to fall away, even losing some from your head. But this is just your body getting back to normal after pregnancy, and not to worry.


If you have any questions or concerns about your pregnancy, please don’t hesitate to contact your GP or medical care team.

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