Beach games for all the family!

One of the best kept secrets in Ireland is that when we get the weather, there’s no better place in the world to be than in Ireland! And being at the beach in Ireland when we get the weather is like a little slice of heaven!

Check out these fun-filled games to play with your kids when you bring them to the beach during the heatwave!

Do you want to build a sandcastle? (But you sing at your peril)

This is a fairly obvious activity for families, but see if you can embellish your castle in parts as the day goes on. Add towers with wet drip sand, and moats and baileys by digging around the castle. The closer to the waves you are, the more likely your moat will flood with water!

Let’s go fly a kite! (Also sing at your peril here)

No beach trip is complete without dusting off the family kite and taking her out for a spin amongst the clouds! Give each of the kids a turn launching and flying her and watch her swoop and dip.

Ball games

Bring a light inflatable beach ball and the world is your proverbial oyster. Any amount of games can be played with a beach ball including but not limited to: volleyball, soccer, football, keepy-uppy, water volleyball…etc.

Water relays

If you’ve a younger group with you why not try this high energy relay race to warm them up? Leave two buckets at some distance from the water and give your players each a cup. Whichever team to fill their bucket with the most water first (by going to and fro with their cup) wins!

Beach bowling

Bring along some tennis balls and play this fun alternative to bowling in the sand! Dig some small, tennis ball sized holes in the sand (hard packed works best) and have your kids roll their tennis balls towards the holes. More of a mix between golf and bowling really!

Sand art

Scavenge around for shells, rocks, and driftwood to make a beautiful piece of beach art. Feel free to take some of the special pieces with you to do some arts and crafts at home!


Originally posted 2017-06-20 08:54:48.