9 ways to deal with separation anxiety

You’ve probably put a lot of thought and effort into helping your child adjust to school for the first time. And maybe you’ve been looking forward to your new freedom. But if you’re like most parents, you’ve found yourself wiping away a tear or two as well. To make those goodbyes at the school gate and separation anxiety that bit easier, follow these tips.

Develop a ritual

They comfort you as well as your child.

Manage your own feelings privately

So that you can reassure your child that there’s nothing to be upset about. Kids pick up our cues.  You can’t expect your child to look forward to playing with the other kids in preschool if you have tears in your eyes as you say goodbye.

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Help your child make a smooth adjustment

Any parent gets upset when her kid wails and clutches them.  But remember that most kids have some separation anxiety they have to work through, so don’t over-react.  It makes things harder for your child, and for you.

Get to know the teacher

If you haven’t found the opportunity to have a quick chat with your child’s teacher, try to do the drop off a few minutes earlier one morning. Even if you exchange a few pleasantries with them, you may find your mind at ease.

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Be early

Always err on the side of caution when dealing with school traffic. to pick your child up at school.  Not seeing you immediately will exacerbate any anxieties they have and may panic them altogether.

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Get involved

You’re not likely to feel happy saying goodbye to your child if he seems to be dreading school.  First, talk to the teacher and see if they can give your little tot a special job when they arrive, to make them feel more relaxed and welcomed.

Get organized

At night for the next morning and get enough sleep. If you’re grumpy or rushing, you’ll be impatient with your kids and the whole family will feel off-kilter.

Make a list

Take advantage of the extra time in the day! Make a list of things that you to do like catching up on work, heading to the gym or finally tackling that big project you’ve been putting off.

Be selfish at least once everyday

Whether that’s a long bath, lunch with a friend, or reading a novel before bed for half an hour, all moms need time to recharge and be “off duty.”


Originally posted 2014-09-04 14:30:28.