8 things not even the baby books can prepare you for

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8 things not even the baby books can prepare you for

You can read all the baby books from every angle and approach, but no matter how well read you are on what to expect when baby arrives, you can’t ever prepare for these moments, you just have to live and learn!

1. The first time you lose sight of them in a crowded area

Even though you see them again in a split second, nothing can prepare you for that sinking feeling when you lose sight of your little one in a crowd, at the playground or shopping centre for a second. Breathe, you didn’t lose them! But you will now spend the rest of your day with bloodshot eyes from never looking away…

2. The first time they scream crying and you don’t know why

Your baby will scream like hell hath no fury….but they’re not hungry, tired, hurt or in need of a change?! You will never feel so utterly useless or confused. Please, little one, don’t do this to us!

3. The first time you make them food and they won’t eat it

And the rest of the week is spent trying to find them something they like.

4. Your first night of completely no sleep, not even rest

Nothing can actually prepare you for this but we thought we’d throw it in.

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5. Not being able to go to bed yourself without checking they are breathing

yep! We still do this. So will you.

6. The first breakdown/tantrum in public

It could be at a family gathering or out grocery shopping and you have nowhere to go. Prepare for your cheeks to glow bright red and ALWAYS have their favourite toy/treat on standby.

7. The first time they are sick

There’s no “how to” manual for the first time your little one is sick. You’ll pray to gods, that you didn’t even think you believed in, just to make them better. You’ll wish you could feel the pain instead of them. Unfortunately the only thing you can do is follow doctors orders and give them an extra dose of TLC in those suffering days.

8. The first night you leave them

This will have to come, eventually. You think you’ll be looking forward to some peace, and quiet but you’ll dread the feeling of not having them near. It’ll take more than a few nights to get used to!

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