8 signs labour is coming soon

Ah the final month, the moment you have been waiting for is within touching distance (literally!). Now all you need is a sign from your little one that he or she is ready to meet you. Here are the telltale signs you need to know that your baby is on its way out.


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8 signs labour is coming soon

Your baby drops

This usually occurs one to four weeks before your due date. This is your baby descending into your pelvis and getting into position to make his final exit. It’s no secret the final month of pregnancy is probably the most torturous and this definitely doesn’t help. Your baby’s decent will cause you to waddle more and there will be more trips to the bathroom, even though you probably think that could not be humanly possible. However, baby dropping does give you more breathing space and your ribs will re-appear. If that makes you feel any better!

Your cervix dilates

As your cervix prepares for birth it starts to open up and thin out in the days or weeks leading up to the impending birth. Your obstetrician may track the progress of both during your final check-ups through a internal exam but don’t worry if little progress is made, every pregnancy is different.

More cramps

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but expect more cramps and more back pain.You can expect pain in the groin area, cramps (just like period pain) and lower back pain. This is due to your joints and muscles preparing and stretching for birth.

Joints feel looser

Throughout your pregnancy, the hormone relaxin has made all of your ligaments soften and loosen. Before you go into labour, you may notice your joints feel a bit looser – this is just nature’s way of opening up your pelvis for your little passenger to make his or her way into the world.

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This is a sure-fire sign baby is on its way. It may not be pleasant but lets face it the quicker baby gets out the quicker your body resumes to some sort normality. Just go with it – it’ll all be worth it (or just keep telling yourself that). Remember to keep well hydrated though.

Stop gaining weight

Your weight will begin to level out in the last few weeks of pregnancy, you could even lose a few pounds. This is due to lower levels of amniotic fluid, more toilet breaks, and increased activity as you nestle frantically for baby’s arrival.

You feel even more tired

You may not think this is possible but extreme fatigue is not only caused by the fact you have to wake up to turn over; frequent toilet breaks, baby kicking and moving around, cramps can all make you want to sleep until baby is ready to come and there’s nothing wrong with that, enjoy every moment of uninterrupted snoozing because once baby arrives those days are over for a long, long, long time!

Vaginal discharge

In the last week or so expect a change of colour or more frequent vaginal discharge. You may also notice the sealing of your uterus (also known as a show) this can come is small bouts or a larger amount similar to mucous in your nose with spots of blood. This is usually a sign labour is imminent but don’t get too excited, until you get contractions and are dilated at least three to four centimetres baby is going is nowhere.

Good luck and remember millions of women all over the world give birth every second of every day. You’ll be fine, just relax and enjoy one of the most amazing and happiest experiences of your life!

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