7 Numbers that every new parent needs to have

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We all have emergency numbers locked in the brain somewhere. We might even have a few saved on our phone. But when you’re in a jam with a new baby on the house, those numbers need to be accessed fast and there’s no better place than on the fridge (or saved in your phone for posterity!).

Here’s a concise list of numbers that every new parent needs to know!

National numbers

Cuidiú Irish Childbirth Trust

Invaluable for advice, suggestions tips and support for new mums trying to breastfeed.
General Enquiries
T: (01) 872 4501
E info@cuidiu.ie

Public Health Nurse

Your Public Health Nurse will pay you a visit at your home when your baby is about six weeks old, but if you have any questions or queries before that time feel free to call them for more information.
T: (01) 415 4723

National Poisons Information Centre

There’s nothing worse than thinking your child may have ingested something they shouldn’t. If you’re unsure about it or what it, always take them to A&E. You can also call the National Poisons Information Centre if you want some advice over the phone.
T: (01) 809 2166

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Local numbers


An obvious one, but keep that number handy to make any appointments you feel you might need. Remember, GP visits are free for your baby until they’re six years old.

Your local Pharmacy

Invaluable time saver to call in your prescription renewal before you head down. Especially with a new baby in tow.

A trusted friend or neighbour

This person should have a key to your house in case you can’t come to the door when they arrive.

A locksmith

Yep. Don’t get caught locked out of your home with the keys locked inside. Have that number on your phone (or visible through a window!) to get yourself sorted!


Did we miss any must-have numbers? Let us know in the comments below.


Originally posted 2017-11-30 09:02:36.