6 rules for visiting a newborn

6 rules for visiting a newborn maternity and infant family

Of all the times when we wish common-sense would prevail over our emotions and irrational thought – it’s when our friends and family come to visit us and our newborns in the hospital. Don’t get us wrong – we love having visitors and we want to show off our bundle of joy to the world! But when it comes to hands, faces, and lips touching our precious babies – we have to say, we get a tad squeamish. That’s why this post has resonated with us. It’s the rules of visiting a newborn baby, from and by a newborn baby.

We love them and want to share them with all our friends! But do you? Do you think it’s okay to tell your mother-in-law not to kiss your newborn? We’re not sure we’d get away with that one.


Her first rule is:

“Do not kiss me, anywhere, at any time, no matter how delicious I look. In fact, do not put your face anywhere near my face or my hands and make sure you wash your hands before touching me anywhere.”

The post has been met with humour around the world, as well as some people who take it a bit too seriously:




While we agree that putting too much of a protective barrier around your baby won’t be good for them in the long term, we prefer to see the humour in this post, rather than the future implications.

The rest of the points are equal in measure

2. If my parents hand me to you in a baby carrier, use it. Do not take me out of the carrier under any circumstance. My friends and I tend to be sensitive to your clothes, detergent, excessive perfumes/colognes, so just keep me in my carrier and I’ll play nice.

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3. I’m sure your children in particular are the healthiest children in the world, but, let me put it this way – it’s not you, it’s me. I am born a germaphobe and it may take me a couple of months to adjust to this yucky world. And don’t ask mommy and daddy if you can bring your kids anyway – they really don’t enjoy saying no.

4. If I start crying when I’m with you, please give me back to mommy. I get you want to soothe me and be a superhero for doing it but I really just want my mommy and daddy.

5. I get hungry, sleepy, poopy, and fussy around the clock. If you want to visit me, plan to come for less than an hour so mommy and daddy can get back to giving me their undivided attention instead of hosting you! Also, don’t plan on eating here (my mom barely eats, she doesn’t have time to feed you) or staying over unless you want to listen to my high pitched audition for the best Opera singer in town – practice time is always in the middle of the night!

6. It’s just spit up, relax yourself. Listen, you wanted to hold me, burp me, swaddle me, soothe me (see above), so now deal with it. Like I said, this is what I do – AROUND THE CLOCK!

Do you agree with these ‘rules’? Or do you think they’re overkill and we should rely on our visitors common sense when they visit our newborns?

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Originally posted 2018-04-13 10:29:51.