6 of our favourite car games to keep our kids occupied on long journeys

We all know that stage on the way to Kerry, Donegal or Dundrum when the kids give up on looking out the window or waxing lyrical about the promises of summer…and they begin to gripe. Just a little.

It’s no fun, parents, and we feel you. And when you can’t hear the Google maps lady over (what sounds like) dinosaurs wrecking the back of the car, or you can’t grip the steering wheel because (what feels like) a bulldozer pushes your seat all the way forward, something’s got to give.

With that in mind, it’s best to be prepared with games and activities to keep the kids (dinosaurs) at bay throughout your journey so you can make it to your destination-vacation in peace!

I Spy

For children aged 3 plus. Requires patience.
Ah yes. You can make your own rules as to when players get to be Spy, but remember to use ‘sounds’ as opposed to letters for your younger children. For example, when spying a car say ‘I spy with my little eye, something beginning with ‘Kuh’’, or when spying a sheep, say ‘Shh’.

Animal guessing game

For children aged 3 plus.
‘I have big ears and a long trunk…what am I?’ Fairly self-explanatory, but you can use it for fruit, vegetables and places too.

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Guess that tune!

For children aged 3 plus. Requires singing and/or humming.
All parents should be able to sing the Peppa Pig theme tune without missing a beat, and it’s time to put that learning to good use! Hum your children’s favourite TV theme tunes or nursery rhymes and have them guess which ones they are.

20 questions

For children aged 4 plus.
One person thinks of an animal, vegetable or character and the other players ask questions trying to figure out who it is.

Car reg game

For children aged 6 plus. Requires longevity.
The point of the game is to try and spot car registration plates from all 32 counties. Will certainly take the whole journey unless you’re very unlucky!

The Animal Name Game

For children aged 6 plus.
The players attempt to name animals (or items in another category) the begin with the last letter of the previous animal. For example, after ‘Ant’ the next player might say ‘Tiger’, subsequently the next player might say ‘Raccoon’ and so on.

God speed!

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