11 ways to encourage your baby to walk

The most exciting time with a baby is watching them reach all of their developmental milestones. Such proud moments but there’s something about seeing them take their first steps that’s so special. The build up to that moment is so exciting and then getting to see them take off is more than worth the wait.

But remember, every baby takes their first steps when they are good and ready, the age range varies from anywhere between nine to 18 months.

What’s most important is that your child is mobile and using their legs and arms to get around, whether that’s crawling, pushing around on their bum or rolling, it’s all part of their on-going development.

  • Rolling around
  • Crab walking
  • Scooting
  • Climbing stairs using his hands
  • Wanting to walk with mum or dad

Take note of your baby’s development month-by-month. Is he/she doing more than last month?

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Encourage walking by:
  • Making sure they get plenty of tummy time. This ensures their back muscles develop and get stronger day-by-day.
  • Place toys and objects just out of reach to encourage movement.
  • Show your baby how to roll by doing it with her. Again this helps with the development of muscles and gets their body ready for those big steps.
  •  Once crawling starts, he’ll develop more control of his/her hips enabling her to pull herself up to a standing position and back down again.
  • The next natural step is holding onto tables, chairs, walls and walking alongside them.
  • Walk with your toddler by letting him hold your hands, as toddlers like to be independent at this stage, the more you walk with them the more they will want to take steps on their own.
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Originally posted 2014-10-15 10:14:47.