11 things we wish we’d known about giving birth

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11 things we wish we’d known about giving birth

We asked some mums for the one piece of advice they wish they were given before giving birth. Mums-to-be: cut out this page and put it in your hospital bag NOW!

1. “Don’t expect things to go a particular way. Try to keep as open a mind as possible, you can make as many plans as you like for the birth but your body and baby could have other ideas so try your utmost to go with the flow! And if possible, try to stay as calm as you can, it’s obviously easier said than done but it will help with the pain as your muscles won’t be as tensed. Good luck it’s the best thing EVER!”


2. “Don’t be scared, once it starts it can’t be stopped, so try to relax and remember our bodies were made to go through this. It’ll be over and forgotten about as soon as your baby is in your arms.”


3. “Prepare for the baby’s first two months, rather than focusing entirely on the labour. I’d spent nine months preparing for labour but hadn’t a clue what to do once
the baby arrived! The labour was he easy part…”


4. “Don’t let panic set in, once you start to panic the body tenses up making it harder for baby to come down. Try to stay calm, and listen to the midwife/doctor. Try and keep it stress free and fun, it makes time go quicker!”


5. “Pain is inevitable but what got me through was the thought that the pain might last for a day, but after this one day of pain, you will be gifted with the most amazing little person ever for your whole life. What’s a day’s pain when a baby is the end result?”


6. “Take the epidural!!”


7. Go for lots of walks/exercise!Don’t listen to what other people
say about labour/birth, everyone is different and it won’t be as bad as people make out. Go with your own instincts and listen to your body! It’s an unrealexperience!!


8. “Every experience is different but the pain is bearable. Make sure you listen to the midwife when pushing.”


9. “Don’t listen to other women and their birth stories, be assertive if you know you don’t want/do want something specific, but know that when it comes down to it, a healthy baby is all that matters.”


10. “Just remember the pain won’t last forever and keep thinking that your baby will be here very soon and the pain goes straightaway.”


11. “Breathe!!! Your body knows what to do, don’t let your mind tell you


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