10 ways to save on food costs

Saving on food costs can be hard especially with a family to feed. The first tip and probably the most important but we all sometimes neglect is, make a list! And stick to it! It is so easy to get blind-sided by special offers, discounts and new products that it can be hard to stick to your guns.

But with a list of items that you really need, it is easier to be strict with yourself. Shops are designed to grab your attention to everything. Every detail of the store has the consumer in mind.

Did You Know? The most profitable stock is placed at eye-level or children’s eye-level if it is targeted at them. Look high and low literally!

Supermarkets advertise in all the weekend papers, have a look at the deals on offer for that coming week.

A lot of people find it easier to shop on-line as they don’t get distracted or worse buy items they don’t need.

Try and go shopping without the kids! This helps you concentrate on buying cheaper items and you can avoid the stress of having to say no.

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Join supermarket loyalty programmes and receive money off vouchers (theses come in really handy for the big Christmas shop).

Shop late in the day as there are more special offers available.

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Only bring the money you need, no extra cash as you more likely to spend it.

Beware of % extra deals – price per kilo is the best way to work out if you really are getting 50 per cent extra.

Ignore multi packs – only buy what you need. Unless they are items that you can store and use later on. Multi packs are no use and can often go off before you get a chance to use.

Buy frozen vegetables – they taste just as good without having the risk of going off.

Don’t go shopping when you are hungry! Your tummy will make all the decisions not your right mind.

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Originally posted 2014-10-07 11:20:57.