10 tips to tackle potty training

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When it comes to potty training it can be hard to know when to begin and how to start the process. Once you recognise that your child is ready for this next step, there can be a variety of ways you can encourage successful potty training.

Potty introduction

Introduce the potty to the household before you decide to begin training. There’s nothing more intimidating than an alien object suddenly taking up space in your house and you alone are expected to navigate it. Make the transition as gentle as possible for your child.

Potty mouth

Many children get anxious about the idea of going potty in such an exposed way. After all, they’re used to what they know, nappies! Before you begin training, let them know what going on a potty is going to feel like, why they have to learn this skill and how it’s going to make things easier for them.

Teach patience

This is a good lesson for both mum and child. Should your little one get frustrated when they fail to use the potty correctly (or wet the bed) let them know that it’s ok and as long as they have patience and determination they’ll get the hang of it eventually.

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Positive reinforcement

One of the core reasons kids dislike going potty is the idea of wiping themselves after. Which we totally get! Instead of laying down the law and telling them they have to, try using some positive incentives. For instance, tell them they’ll get a small treat or surprise for going to the potty, then they’ll get an added treat for wiping themselves.

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Praise the pee

It might seem like a small feat for you, but potty training is a big accomplishment to your little one. Don’t forget to let them know how well they’re doing when they succeed in making it to the toilet and be consistent with this praise throughout the potty training process.

Everyone does it

Because our bathroom habits are obviously private it can be hard for children to know that this new process is completely normal. Let your toddler know that mammy and daddy go to the toilet too by making conversation about it around the house. This way your child will feel less pressure about the whole situation. Sometimes seeing a friend or sibling go to the potty in front of them can also be the biggest encouragement.

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Dress for Success

When it comes to potty training you need to avoid as many barriers as possible. This can mean the clothing you dress your child in during the training period. All clothes should be loose or easy to remove. Avoid anything with buttons or zips that could prevent them getting on the potty in time.

Free the Fear

If your little one is expressing a worrisome level of anxiety about the potty, make sure to address the problem sooner than later. While you can’t imagine why the potty would intimidate them, young minds work in curious ways and you’d be surprised by the wild and terrifying things children think are happening when they go to the potty.

Buy some big boy pants

Accidents are to be expected during the training process so some parents are reluctant to invest in ‘grown up’ underwear for their child. But feeling that they’ve reached an important milestone in their young life can be huge confidence boost and their new underwear can be a symbol of this maturity. It’s well worth the investment.

Potty playtime

Make the bathroom, and potty time, a fun place for your child. Routinely take your child to the bathroom even if they insist that they don’t want to go and read or sing to them while they’re sitting on the toilet. Eye spy is an excellent game to keep them entertained and engaged with the room. The more positive associations your little one has with the bathroom the easier potty training will be.

Good luck!



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